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St Albans Community Mural

A chance for everyone to make their mark on St Albans.

What is happening?

As part of her residency at the Collective Gallery in St Albans, Mandy is leading a community project to paint a mural on Drovers Way in the city centre.


Community involvement

The mural was co-designed & will be painted with the help of local people. Everyone is welcome to take part.

For the design, local people were asked to share a word, symbol, object or image that they would like to be included in the mural.

If you would like to help paint the wall, you can sign up for a slot here. If you cannot see a date that works for you and/or would like to make a larger group booking please contact me directly and I will try and organised something bespoke for you.



  • March: Mandy ran a series of workshops and open calls for anyone who lives or works in or around St Albans to contribute to the design. She proactively engaged institutions such as schools, charities, and faith groups to get their input into the project.

  • April: Mandy put together a design that included the ideas shared during the consultation period and will draw the outline for this on the wall.

  • Late April/Early May: Members of the community will be encouraged to paint in between the lines in a “paint by numbers” style so that anyone who wants to, has the opportunity to help create this piece of public art.

  • Mid-May: Mandy does any touch ups required to make the piece look “finished”.


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Above: Mandy standing in front of one of her previous murals
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